Is Staking Good For The Cardano Ecosystem?-2

Is Staking Benefit the Cardano Ecosystem?-1 :

In the first article we wrote previously, we discussed the “economic” tradeoff between staking and the Cardano ecosystem under the premise that the token is generally a PoS with lock-up [1]. In this second article, we will indirectly discuss the direction CARDAO intends to resolve this tradeoff.

PoS of Cardano

Figure 1. Cardano PoS system.

In Cardano, the delegation gives us the chance for both delegating and investing with ADA through ISO (Initial Stake Offering) [2]. But it’s just for the projects that operate ISO. It’s still a problem that users of cardano ecosystem select just one option between staking (or delegating) their ADA on a staking pool and participating in DeFi Dapps with their ADA.

So, how can the tradeoff be resolved?


Figure 2. CARDAO can resolve the tradeoff partially.

CARDAO accumulates assets such as ADA to treasury through bonding sales and uses them to pay CADA tokens to users who do staking. Therefore, in CARDAO, delegation using the ADA assets of the vault owned by the protocol is possible, and the additional profits generated from this can be returned to users once again. In a nutshell, CARDAO users, the CARDAO protocol, and the Cardano ecosystem can all win together.

Using delegation, CARDAO can provide more benefits to users on the Cardano chain, while at the same time contributing to strengthening Cardano’s PoS security.

When the basic CARDAO’s proof of concept process is completed, we will gradually implement these solutions one by one.

Closing the Post

CARDAO is the first DeFi2.0 Dapp service on Cardano. There are many loads to run a DAO, build an economic system, etc., but the most important goal is to contribute to enriching the DeFi system on Cardano. We made a few comments on how we could contribute to Cardano [3], and we will look into that in the future.

We are preparing many things one by one, such as IDO, economic system building, front-end development, and smart contract development. We will share each process with Cardears and move forward one step at a time.

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